Culture Committee

Culture is made up of our beliefs and habits as a group or society. It includes things like our language, art, music, dance, and even our traditions. Our heritage is all-encompassing and made from many different parts. Among these are culture which is influenced by heritage.

Heritage refers to the practices or characteristics that are passed down through the years from one generation to the next.  It includes historic buildings and town sites, archeological sites, monuments, archives, works of art, books, folklore, and oral history, as well as the motherland or “Heimat.” Its rivers, mountains and fields as well as its architecture are all influential when thinking of one’s heritage.

In 1978, our past DSB President, Alfred Escheu, established the Culture Committee. Meetings are usually scheduled on the first Thursday of the month, except in July when we don’t meet. Meetings are held in the Boardroom at 7:00 or 7:30 p.m.

All committees and groups in the Delaware Saengerbund are involved in cultural programs and events, but the Culture Committee concentrates its efforts on organizing and supporting the following events:

Concordia German Summer Language Camp Award

In October of the preceding year, the Culture Committee announces this award for 2 children, ages 8-18, to the parents or grandparents of DSB members. Each award is worth $3,250 to pay for the 2-week camp and transportation to Bemidji, Minnesota.  The children are then selected by the Culture Committee in December with approval by the Board of Directors. Parents are reimbursed by the club after submission of receipts to the Treasurer. This is a full-fledged summer camp program by a lake in the wilderness, except that they only speak in German.


The Culture Committee picks out the church or churches to celebrate this religious program which celebrates the harvest on the first Sunday in October. Similar to Thanksgiving except that this members-only event begins with a bilingual church service (Lutheran or Catholic) where English and German are spoken. We used to choose churches built by Germans, but that is no longer the practice. The service is then followed by a free dinner prepared by the Ladies of the Saengerbund in the Deutsche Halle when we give thanks for the food that we are about to eat.


Organized by the Ladies of the Saengerbund, but the Culture Committee arranges to have a table where we sell Christmas ornaments made in Germany. These ornaments are purchased by committee members in the late summer at the Christmas Haus in New Oxford, PA, where we receive a discount off retail. We then sell the ornaments at retail.

Advent Concert

Organized by the DSB Singers, but the Culture Committee is responsible for setting up and decorating the von Steuben Room, arranging the Christmas cookies baked by Heinz Ambrosch & helpers on trays and placing them on the decorated tables. We also make the punch and coffee. Punch is served by the Singers and our Culture Committee members. This is a free public event.

German Language Classes for Adults

We offer Levels 1, 2, and 3 (Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced) classes once a week from October – May in the evening for the adult members. This language program is offered free of charge to members only.

Language Awards

The Sepp Hilsenrad Memorial Award and Fulda Scholarship Award to University of Delaware German language students, plus the Delta Phi Alpha Honor Society new member induction and reception. Usually in late April or early May on a Friday.

Bus Trip

Once a year around May-July, we usually offer a short bus trip (under 3 hours) to historic or cultural sites in the region. Because the bus ride is paid for by the club, these trips tend to be at a low cost. We have had trips to Washington, D.C., the Kutztown Fair Festival, the Baltimore area, etc. Future trips being considered are the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center with IMAX Theatre adjacent to Dulles International Airport (~3 hours) in Northern Virginia; EU Embassies Open House (<3 hours); lunch & foreign film matinee at the Charles Theatre in Baltimore (~1 hour), etc.  For members and their guests.


A 1-week German Language children’s camp at DSB usually in early August before school starts. The program mixes fun activities with learning for children ages 6-12 years of age.  Members are free. Non-members are $100/child. Camp runs from 9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Other Events
  • German Wine or Beer Tastings
  • Trips to Germany & other EU locations
  • German Genealogy Group
  • Library Committee
  • Movie Matinees at DSB

Upcoming Events: