Deutsche Schule

Deutsche Schule is a German language Saturday School. It is part of the Delaware Saengerbund and it contributes to objective 1 of the organization through the study of German language, culture, traditions and songs. Founded in 2008 for children of DSB members, since 2010 the school is open to all people from 5 to 17 years young. Our cost structure incentivizes DSB membership of the parents/family, but DSB membership is not a must. Please see our Parent Involvement page for more details.

A unique feature of our school is that we can add elements of German culture and tradition with great ease as we have full access to the DSB facilities on school days. For example, if we want to cook a traditional dish, we go over to DSB’s professional-grade kitchen. If we want to get our songs right, we reach out to our singers. 20 yards from the classroom, we have a soccer field and a playground.

On six days of the week, a Saturday school is by its nature a virtual school. This website is intended as a resource to help our students and their parents to make the most of the long time between school days and come to class prepared in the best possible way. If you have suggestions about how to improve this website, the School Coordinator is always curious to hear about them.