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or by phone at 443-553-4270

DSB Trail
The DSB Trail is located behind the Delaware Saengerbund and is open for members to use at any time. Come check it out!

Sunday Summer Shorts Too Hot to Hike, we’ll schedule some hikes when it cools off!

Photos from our Hikes:

  • Black Forest Trail

    Black Forest Trail

    The Black Forest Trail is a 43.0-mile hiking trail in north-central Pennsylvania. The original Wandervögel hikers would go to Pennsylvania in early summer to hike among the mountain laurels.

  • Elk Neck State Forest

    Elk Neck State Forest

    A section of the Mason Dixon Trail goes through Elk Neck State Forest where beech, oaks, wild azalea were spotted, along with an occasional turkey.

  • 2024 Susquehanna Bluebells

    2024 Susquehanna Bluebells

    Each spring we gather on the Susquehanna Greenways Trail below the Conowingo Dam to follow the river and view the Virginia Bluebells.

  • Chestnut Hill Trail

    Chestnut Hill Trail

    Chestnut Hill Trail in Newark is nearby and there are no fees in the winter months, and McGlynn’s is nearby for refreshments afterwards!

  • French Creek State Park

    French Creek State Park

    Our New Years Day tradition is to visit French Creek State Park and ring it in with a fire, a toast and the Andachtsjodel

  • Conestoga Trail

    Conestoga Trail

    This challenging section of the Conestoga Trail was an 8.8 mile hike with a shuttle from Martic Forge to the Pinnacle Overlook.

  • Mount Marcy

    Mount Marcy

    Richard Leaning led hikes up Mount Marcy in the past, here the next generation is following in those footsteps!

  • Hawk Mountain

    Hawk Mountain

    The first hike was October 14th, 1973 to the Pulpit and the Pinnacle at Hawk Mountain, here we return with the original signed map!

  • Bohemia River State Park

    Bohemia River State Park

    This new park was created in 2017 with the purchase of 460 acres along the Great Bohemia Creek.

  • Mount Cuba Center

    Mount Cuba Center

    Mt. Cuba Center is a beautiful botanic garden committed to the conservation of native plants and their habitats. Jim Etheridge was our host and guide for the day.

  • Lums Pond

    Lums Pond

    Lums Pond State Park is a 1,790-acre Delaware state park near Bear, Delaware. The loop trail around the pond is a great seven mile hike.

  • Peacedale Preserve

    Peacedale Preserve

    Peacedale Preserve includes two streams that flow into Big Elk Creek, which leads to the Chesapeake Bay. The property also contains vast expanses of woodlands and hayfields, some being restored to native grass meadows.

  • Arc Corner Monument

    Arc Corner Monument

    The Arc Corner Monument is located between White Clay Creek State Park in Delaware and White Clay Creek Preserve in Pennsylvania.

  • White Clay Creek in Winter

    White Clay Creek in Winter

    Hilde Cox, Jack Hoglen, Hilmar Fricke, Alida Cutts, Richard Leaning and Helga Walters gearing up for a winter hike.

  • Susquehanna Bluebells

    Susquehanna Bluebells

    Bill and Hilde Cox are long time members who have moved to Portland, Maine and now form the northern chapter of the Wandervögel

  • Lums Pond

    Lums Pond

    Francis Tannian, Bill Cox, Richard Leaning, Joachim Elterich and Andy Olivier

  • Fair Hill

    Fair Hill

    Fair Hill has lots of great trails thanks to the DuPont family!

  • French Creek State Park

    French Creek State Park

    New Years Day 2008