Q. Who can become a member of the DSB?

A. We are looking for members of the community who are interested in supporting and perpetuating the study and use of the German language~ culture, traditions and customs and sharing in the traditional sociability among the German community and extending to the community at large.

Q. How does one apply?

A. All new applicants for membership must be sponsored by two non-related Active members in good standing.

Q. What kind of membership is there?

A. There are two kinds of membership ACTIVE and SUPPORTING.

ACTIVE members are those members with proof of German descent. Only ACTIVE members may vote on organizational affairs, elect officers, hold office and sponsor new members.

SUPPORTING members are those members who do not qualify or who elect not to be registered as an ACTIVE member. SUPPORTING members may not vote, hold office or sponsor new members.

ALL MEMBERS have full use of all club facilities and may attend any and all club functions.

Q. What are the costs involved in joining the DSB?

A. The costs are a $35 application fee plus $50 per year for families or $35 per year for single memberships. All fees are due at the initial Membership meeting.

Q. What do I do now that have everything ready and want to join?

A. Call your sponsors for any further information you need. Have them review and sign your application form.

Forward your application to:
Membership Secretary, 49 Salem Church Road, Newark DE 19713 for scheduling of an interview.

All dues for new members are due at the Membership Committee meeting when you are interviewed.

Family: $35 (application fee) + $50 (first year dues) = $85
Single: $35 (application fee) + $35 (first year dues) = $70

Next Step? Contact our Membership Chair
Judy Ariganello