Oktoberfest History

The DSB’s Oktoberfest originally was a private party for club members.  A big tent was rented in 1978 for the 125th anniversary of DSB. It was so successful that we decided to invite the public in 1979.

As with the Munich Oktoberfest, The DSB’s Oktoberfest is held the third weekend in September.

The Ladies of the DSB prepare most of the food served. The much coveted German potato salad includes many secret ingredients and is prepared around the clock during Oktoberfest.

Wursts, or sausages, originated in Italy when Roman armies needed preserved provisions. Today there are 1500 kinds of wurst in Germany.  We sell 7 kinds.

Munich’s fest has 6.5 million visitors consuming, 750,000 roasted chickens, 700,000 sausages, 60,000 pork legs, 80 oxen, and 1.4 million gallons of beer. Beer, in Bavaria, is recognized as a food product providing 30% of the nutrition to the Bavarian people. No preservatives are allowed in the beer per a 1516 law.

The DSB’s Oktoberfest has about 20,000 visitors over 2.5 days consuming, 1200 Bratwurst, 600 Weisswurst, 600 Hot Sausage, 1440 pieces of chicken, 3500 pounds of potato salad, 1750 pounds of sauerkraut, 120 sheet cakes & Tortes 1200 cookies, 50 cases of funnel cake and 50 cases of pretzels

Six breweries supply the brew of choice in Munich. DSB will be celebrating Oktoberfest this year with four of the Munich beers that are brewed in Munich according to the German purity laws. It is exactly the same beer that will be sold in Munich. Our guests may purchase beverages in the 20 oz stadium souvenir cups. Visitors can take home our colorful souvenir cups.

The income raised by our annual three-day Oktoberfest funds many projects for the Saengerbund including German language classes for all ages, German study scholarships, entertainment and ongoing maintenance our wonderful facility.